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Active Radon

Family Owned & Operated

Meet Our Awesome Team


Sometimes selling your home in the city and retiring to the family farm takes an unexpected turn. At least it did
for me … mother of two, having run a successful business for 30+ years in the medical industry, thinking the dream of owning a "family" business with my daughter and son had passed me by.  
  After my home was tested for radon while selling to move to my farm a few years ago, I hired a mitigator to
reduce the levels of a deadly gas I had never even heard of. I soon learned that the gentleman installing my system was also ready to retire.
A deal was made that fateful day - one of us retired and the other started the journey to creating the legacy of a family business. I can honestly say there is no feeling like helping your children grow and thrive,
and getting to spend time with two of my favorite people is the cherry on top!


Some kids who grow up in a family business can’t wait to get out and go carve out their own identity in life. Not this kid. I have worked for my mom in the medical industry for almost 30 years, so when I was presented with the opportunity to partner with her and my brother in a new business, I didn’t blink an eye.
And bringing in Steve’s wife to run the day-to-day operations of the company was the perfect
last piece to our family business puzzle.
Going into business is challenging,
so why not do it with people you trust more
than anyone else?

Cristi - Operations

I’ve been a part of this family for 14 years, so I love playing such a vital role in the family business!
In the past, I’ve been the breadwinner and I’ve been a
stay-at-home mom, so being able to make a living and also be present for my children is the best feeling in the world. Not only do Steve and I work as hard as we can toward the same goals for our children, we also work equally as hard for a company that we love and a cause that we believe in, celebrating each other’s
successes along the way!

When siblings work together, there is no escaping the fact that business becomes part of the family, which has definitely added to my motivation! There is no doubt that my sister and I are polar opposites, but it works for us because my strengths are usually her weaknesses and vice versa. I also know there is nobody in the world who will look out for my best interest more than my wife, my mom, and my sister. And who could possibly understand my desire to be at my son’s basketball game more than those three women?!

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